Events year 2023

Leonardo's path in Val Veddasca 

On Sunday 13 August 2023, in synergy with Taxus APS and the Micro Museum of Cadero and in order to enhance further places linked to Leonardo's memory, the Leonardo Path will be enriched by a peculiar extension: a brand new alternative itinerary will be inaugurated from Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca to Ponte Tresa passing through Cadero, Curiglia, Dumenza and Astano; there will be a further 45 km of path to be covered ideally in three stages (13-14-15 August. On this new extension, Leonardo da Vinci's testimonies are linked first of all to the figure of his great pupil Bernardino Luini (born in Dumenza), but then also to the thief of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum Vincenzo Peruggia (also born in that same locality), remembered in particular in the Micro Museum of Cadero dedicated to the Mona Lisa and the most famous art theft in the world. Thanks to this addition, on the Path This creates a brand new true Leonardesco Lombardo-Ticinese Tour with a total length of approximately 120 km, to be covered in six stages. The departure of this journey will be from Maccagno con Pino and Veddasca at 9.30 am from the station square Participation in the walk is free. To register, write to by Friday 15 July, indicating the names of the participants and a mobile number for possible contacts.

The tour departing from Maccagno and on its way to Val Veddasca

The village of mosaics fell

The permanent exhibition of mosaics was inaugurated in 2015, born from an idea by Claudio Gobbi and Gianpietro Pugni, created with the support of the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia and the municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca. The exhibition presents around 30 creative mosaics created on a free theme by the students of the academy, 6 by Gianpietro Pugni and one by Claudio Gobbi. On 15 and 16 July tribute to the artists who created the works and guided tours of the ancient village. During the days the artists Claudio Gobbi, Gianpiero Pugni and Roberto Corradini will be present for the Open Day - mosaic course. On Day 16 at 5.00 pm the work created by Roberto Corradini entitled "La Gioconda a Cadero" will be presented. A work that maestro Corradini donated to the community of Cadero. The work will be installed at the entrance to the town coming from the valley towards the lake.

The places of the Mona Lisa

Conference by Silvano Vinceti
Thanks to the collaboration between the Civic Museum Parisi Valle di Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca and Taxus APS - Micro Museo di Cadero, the conference-meeting took place with the historian and researcher Silvano Vinceti who presented his latest studies and research on Locations of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and the mysteries solved.
The film that introduced the conference:Don't miss the exhibition of the Wonders of the Caverau until 23 September with works by Picasso, Balla, De Cirico, Guttuso, Fiume, Levi, Cassinari: discovering the treasures of Parisi Valle. For information: + 39 0332 561202
Civic Museum “Parisi Valle” Via Leopoldo Gianpaolo 1 21061 Maccagno con Pino and Veddasca.

The conference meeting

Creative Painting Course

Art and Graffiti

Paint your 3D Mona Lisa at the Cadero Micro Museum from 01 June to 30 September. Painting choir open to all ages. At the beginning of the course, the student will be given a bust of the Mona Lisa made of hard plaster to be painted with mixed techniques.
Reservation required
For information and booking: Taxus: +39 348 435 2517Pro Loco Maccagno: +39 351 506 1272