The Mona Lisa THREE...D!

The artist friends of the Ponte degli Artisti and Taxus APS have undertaken a new challenge: giving form and substance to Leonardo's Mona Lisa. “The Mona Lisa Three…D!” is an exhibition that revolves around Duchamp's famous and irreverent manipulation of Leonardo da Vinci's «Mona Lisa» (1919/64) with beard, mustache and the writing L.H.O.O.Q. (which when read in French sounds like «She's hot in the ass»), to which are added other works, few of which are famous, such as the «Nude Descending the Stairs» (1911/37), the «Boîte-en-valise» ( 1941), the first ready-mades such as «The Comb» (1916/64), and the more recent ones such as the «Washerwoman's Aprons» from 1959. These works dialogue in a suggestive way with those of the Fluxus artists, an open group of personality (already operating at the end of the 1950s) who radicalized the premises of the historical Dadaists. Today over twenty-five followers of the Ponte degli Artisti group, spurred on by its promoter Savi Arbola Appiani, tell the vision of a contemporary Mona Lisa, which emerges from the canvas “perhaps a prisoner of a thousand stories and legends” to begin a new journey into the world and imagination of the artists who interpreted her: Ada Eva Verbena, Adriano Tommasi, Alessandra La Chioma, Alessandro Botti (Jebbo), Alessandro Digrandi, Antonio Spagnuolo, Arrylynne Barron, Carla Pisola, Chiara Gorla, Claudia Pistola, Daniela Dente, Dany Rocco, Donatella Bianchi, Eleonora Sesana, Federica Grandi, Franco Scacchi, Gladys Maria De La Raba, Leonard, Leonora Rapezzi, Luisa Bergamini, Maria Augusta Rossi, Mario Napoletti , Paolo Rui, Pier Didoni, Pierluigi Bruno, Silvì Petrozza.