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All the truth, nothing but the truth about the most famous theft in the world

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The Mona Lisa Micro Museum tells the whole story of the most famous theft in the world. The Museum is divided into three parts:                                                          - The official account of the story;            - The voices and stories of Val Veddasca;                                                            - The contemporary art exhibitions.  The exhibition is permanent.

The Mona Lisa THREE...D!

The artist friends of the Ponte degli Artisti and Taxus APS have taken on a new challenge: giving form and substance to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa by personalizing the works in order to make them unique and unrepeatable.

The Flight of the Mona Lisa

The whole truth, nothing but the truth about the most famous theft in the world. A book born from the voices and legends of Val Veddasca to support the activities of the Micro Museum in Cadero.                                                        Click HERE to purchase the book

Stolen Mona Lisa by Vianey

It is with great pleasure that we communicate the international agreement signed by Savi Arbola Appiani, director of the Micro Museum, with the American artist Vianey (founder of the Cool Art New York Movement), which granted the use of the image of his work to create the cover of the book "Il Volo della Gioconda". The work created by Vianey is part of the artist's personal exhibition entitled "Stolen Mona Lisa" which will be inaugurated in Paris on October 2, 2024; the exhibition will leave Paris for a world tour of exhibitions. Together with Vianey, the international version of the book "Il Volo della Gioconda" will be produced in English, French and Spanish. Here is some information about the artist Vianey:

Taxus APS

Taxus APS is a non-profit association and pursues objectives
civic, solidarity and socially useful. In particular, it intends to: Organize, promote and produce artistic events
and cultural in general. Create connections with other realities that operate in the area, enhancing its artistic-cultural, naturalistic, gastronomic, artisanal, social and educational richness. Collaborate with other public or private bodies and associations that pursue the same goals. The internal organization of the association is inspired by criteria of democracy, equal rights and equal opportunities for all members, favoring social participation without limits to economic conditions and without discrimination of any kind.

"You can't say you've truly lived if you've never done something for someone who can never repay you."

Taxus APS


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